Your new still camera does great photos and cool videos (HD: 720p AVCHD)…
But these videos are not compliant with QuickTime or iMovie.
MovieLumiCS is especially designed for them.
Use your videos on Mac: easily, promptly and without quality lose.



Forget all limitations, MovieLumiCS will fastly and without losing quality convert your still camera videos ("AVCHD-Lite" or "MJPEG", HD size "720p"). Whatever they are on SD memory card or already copied onto your hard disk.

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Drag'n'drop a file, some files or a whole folder on MovieLumiCS and your previously non-readable videos will be:

pub Cleaned to be compliant with QuickTime.
pubCleaned to be compliant with your iPad.
pubConverted for editing in iMovie (for all versions, even the old iMovieHD).
pubConverted to send it by mail to your family.
pubConverted for your iPhone.

MovieLumiCS is fast and easy to use. If allowed by your output format choice, MovieLumiCS will "clean" your video file (no re-encoding means very fast and no potential quality lose) or convert to your rather device (depending on your choices).

Enjoy :-)

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